We build amazing chatbots.

They are smart and they are eager to serve your customers.


Your clients are on Messenger, WeChat, Line, Telegram, Skype, Kik, ... Our chatbots are on all of them and morph to get the best out of each platform.

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We drive your customers with the most advanced AI technology. Our bots have machine-learning-powered ears and eyes: they understand text, audio and pictures.

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Our chatbots piece together the puzzle of your digital world. They talk to your CRM, external APIs and any custom business logic to provide unique conversations.

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What we do

Here is a glimpse of our work.

Stay tuned for more awesomebotness.

What kind of chatbot do you need ?

Available for Messenger, Web, ...

Conversational Chatbot

New experience

Helping user to choose

Innovate product

FAQ/After sales service Chatbot

Help and guide user

Answer user questions

Available 24/7

Marketing Chatbot

Game & Contest

Work with partners

Customers Retain


Our clients and partners are happy to recommend the moshi moshi experience.

“moshi moshi has a unique knowledge about chatbots and all the AI ecosystem. They truly lead their clients on a revolutionary path.”

Vincent Percevault

Vincent Percevault, SPN President

“We are building with moshi moshi an immersive experience for our audience that will completely change the way people connect to their programs.”

Valentin Duboc

Valentin Duboc, ARTE Head of Marketing

“We are co-branding chatbots for our client. Their functional and technical knowledge allows us to build a richer and deeper experience.”

Branislav Peric

Branislav Peric, With Co-founder


From Conception to Promotion, we’ll help you to get the most of your chatbot

Brand & Strategy

We understand your brand and know what technology can accomplish. Let us bridge the gap: we will present you innovative concepts that will turn into a successful experience.


Our copywriters are experts at driving users through the chatbot UX. Every day, they analyze interactions with bots to shape the conversations into a seamless and natural experience.


We deveopped a comprehensive technology covering all aspects of bots lifecycle. Our tools connect directly all the messaging platforms into our bot’s virtual brain. It can process text, audio or pictures and then mix the data with your business knowledge.


We help you to drive traffic to your chatbot to make it a success. Our media team handles both online and offline promotion with tools like Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, a dedicated newsletter or in-store Messenger codes.

The Team

Our team is made up of the brightest and most dedicated story writers, programmers, product managers.

We are always seeking new talents, feel free to contact us if you want to join our team!

Michael Gouin

Michael Gouin

Head of Production
Gaëlle Zimmer

Gaëlle Zimmer

Head of Narrative
Pierre Rambaud

Pierre Rambaud

Chatbot Architect
Julie Lespinas

Julie Lespinas

Product Manager
Vincent Loy

Vincent Loy

Chatbot Developer
Guillaume Milon

Guillaume Milon

Chatbot Developer
Alexis Leveque

Alexis Leveque



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